Becoming the Street Boss: A Zanetti Famiglia Novel, стр. 1

Becoming the Street BossA Zanetti Famiglia Novel

Hayley Faiman

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Becoming the Street Boss

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Italian — American Mafia Structure


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Italian — American Mafia Structure

Boss – The head of the family. Usually referred to as Don or “Godfather.”

Underboss – The second in command usually appointed by the Boss.

Consigliere – Advisor to the family. Low profile and can be trusted. Used as a mediator for disputes or representatives in meetings with other families. Usually stockbrokers or lawyers.

Family Messenger – Passes messages between family members and the Boss.

Street Boss – Buffer position between the Boss and Capos. Head of the Caporegimes. Runs the day-to-day operations.

Caporegime (Capo) – Sometimes called Captain. In charge of a crew. There are up to nine crews in each family each with around ten soldiers.

Soldier – Members of the family, can only be of Italian background. They are associates who have proven themselves.

Associate – Not a member of the mafia, but instead, an errand boy.




Looking back over my shoulder, I try to take in one last fleeting gaze at my big sister. She’s beautiful. Just as I’d remembered. A perfect mix of our mother and father. I’m not so self-absorbed that I think we could be twins, but with our matching black hair and blue eyes, it’s obvious we’re related.

The visit my little sister, Rosana, and I had with her wasn’t long, but it’s clear to me that she misses us. It’s also clear to me that she’d had no clue where we’d been, or that our mother had vanished moments after she did, three years ago.

As the suited men usher me and Rosana past the rugged bikers, all dressed in jeans and leather, I wonder exactly how my sister, Bellarosa, fits in here. She’s obviously respected and well protected. She isn’t just here—she is one of them. She is somebody here.

I’m practically thrown into the back seat of the large black SUV that I arrived in, Rosana curls against my side immediately. She presses her face to my shoulder, her arms wrapping around my middle, holding me, attempting to practically become part of me.

It doesn’t surprise me. Rosana is young and innocent, not only in age but in spirit as well. It’s beautiful and I can’t deny that I’m a bit envious.

My sister and I were never awarded that luxury. Bellarosa was taken young from us, and I slipped into her spot as being the one in charge, growing up in a split second.

The passenger door opens, my body jerks from my thoughts as I watch a man slip into the passenger seat. I expect to recognize him as the one from earlier, instead of the man who sat there on the way, another has taken his place.

He’s almost an exact replica, dressed in a beautiful black suit, he has black as night cropped hair, a bit overly long on top but it works for him, his complexion olive much like the others and my own.

He’s a cliché just like the rest of them—all of them.

Clearing my throat, he slowly turns to look at me. His eyes are black, not just dark brown, but solid black. They are a bit unnerving, but still intriguing and dare I say, beautiful as the rest of his face.

My breath hitches at the sight of him. I’ve never seen a man so handsome before. He has dark hair that is a little too long on top, and the sides could use a cleanup, but it works for him. He also should have shaved his face about two weeks ago, but again, can’t be bothered.

“What happens now?” I ask softly.

He arches a brow, his lips twitching as his gaze roams over my torso then flicks back up to meet mine.

“Now you go back to your auntie and you act as though none of this has happened,” he says.


He shrugs a shoulder, his tongue peeking out to taste his bottom lip. “Don’t know, cara, but if you don’t, then you’ll have a much bigger problem on your hands.”

Pressing my lips together, I lower my eyes to