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A Dangerous and Cruel Love (Dark Mafia Romance Duet, #2)

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A Dangerous and Cruel Love: | Dark Mafia Romance Duet | Part II

The Past

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My Billionaire Captor

My Arabian King

Note: This was previously published as Prince of Darkness (Part Two).

She was too pure for his world. Too good for a man like him. She had every reason to be scared, but instead she chose to fell in love...with him.

I should've gotten rid of her from the start.

Instead, I stole her away from her boyfriend.

I made her mine.

I made her believe I could keep her safe.

I made her think we had a future.

But instead I found myself breaking all of my promises.

This is Part II of the Dark Mafia Romance duet.

About the Book

“Look at me, Fawn.” He didn’t say anything else but instead waited patiently, knowing that she needed the time to accept that from here on, she could no longer run to Bennett when she was in trouble. Now, after the other man’s betrayal, it was Bennett she would be running away from.

When her eyes finally lifted to his, he asked simply, “Do you know why you don’t hurt when you’re with me?”

“B-because we’re friends?”

The prince smiled.

She smiled back.

Then the prince lowered his head, and before she realized what he was doing, he had already bitten her ear, whispering, “Friends don’t do this.” And his tongue licked the curve of her ear almost as if in emphasis.

She jumped back with a cry of shock, but the prince only shrugged. “You shouldn’t have done that!”

The prince only laughed. “I’ll do a lot more than that, and you’ll want me to do it.” He reached for her, and ignoring the way she stiffened, he tugged on a lock of her hair, rubbing the silky strands between his fingers.

His touch made her shiver, but still she forced herself to lift her chin, muttering stubbornly, “You’re wrong. I won’t want—-”

“You will,” the prince countered in a husky purr, “and I can even make you beg for it...because it’s how I’m going to make the pain fade.”

A Dangerous and Cruel Love:Dark Mafia Romance Duet

Part II

by Marian Tee

This was previously published as Prince of Darkness Part II.

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The Past

Eight years ago

Everyone at the nurses station had a hard time not staring as a young, dark-haired man stepped out of the elevator, his gaze trained on his phone as his fingers moved swiftly on the screen. He was extremely attractive, with ebony black hair, brilliant green eyes, and beautifully chiseled features. Despite his young age, the stoic look on his face as well as the way he carried himself lent him an unusual air of maturity. Unlike most eighteen-year-old boys, he neither swaggered nor walked with a slouch. Instead, he was perfectly poised, his pace steady, and his every movement both graceful and correct.

In most cases, he would have been considered an outstandingly upright young man but because he was Reid Chalkias, people saw him differently. It didn’t matter that he was only eighteen, didn’t matter that he had never stepped foot on any Mafia-owned soil. When one looked at Reid Chalkias, it didn’t matter that his citizenship was British and that he was a staunch advocate of all the right causes.

For most people, Reid Chalkias’ singularly defining identity was that he was the son of two notorious criminals, and for them, the apple could never fall far from the tree. It did not help, of course, that despite how stylishly urbane he appeared, Reid also had an innate aura of dangerous strength about him. He might have only been with Cosa Nostra for the first eight years of his life, but it was more than enough to give him a raw, unpredictable edge that isolated him from the rest of humanity.

When it became obvious that Reid Chalkias was heading straight to their station, a silent but dead-serious flurry of activity ensued as the nurses competed among themselves on who could speak with him first. They elbowed and jabbed each other. all the while biting back cries and groans, none of them wanting the apple of their eye to realize that he was the prize they were fighting over.

Upon reaching the counter, Reid dropped the phone back into his pocket and looked up. “Good afternoon—-” He paused, momentarily disconcerted by the sight that greeted him. The nurse smiling at him possessed hair that strongly resembled a bird’s nest, and if he wasn’t mistaken, the top button of her uniform also appeared to have been torn off. Even more astonishingly, all the other nurses appeared in the same state, which led him to ask slowly, “Is everything alright?”

“E-everything’s quite fine.” Pia forced herself to stay still as she found herself the sole focus of Reid’s mesmerizing gaze. She had expected him to be hot, but not this hot. If he had asked her to give him a blowjob then and there, she would have been on her knees in a flash.

Those green eyes could make a girl do anything, she thought wistfully. For this beautiful young man, she wouldn’t mind risking her job and coming on to him. And she probably would have – if she hadn’t been aware of the purpose of his visit.

But the problem was, she and the other nurses did know why he was here, and only the most insensitive woman would have made a move on someone whose girlfriend had been kidnapped and nearly beaten to death.

Taking a deep breath in an effort to control her racing pulse, she fought to keep her voice level as she asked, “May I help you, sir?”

“I’m here to visit Ms. Georgette Durham.”

“May I have