Dark Demon (Demon Assassin Series Book 2), стр. 1

Dark Demon

Demon Assassin Series - Book 2

A.C. Wilds

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Time has stood still since we’ve arrived at Nox’s cottage. Torque hasn’t woken from his slumber, and I think we could be in real trouble.

Frowning, I gaze down at his prone form. It has been two days, yet there has been no improvement. When Nox said he’d come out of it soon, I guessed he meant a few hours.

“Are you still here?” Uriel asks from the doorway. His huge form fills out the frame, his hair tousled like he keeps running his hands through it.

“I was checking on him. I think I fucked up. What if I pumped too much of my magic into him? When I did it with Mammon, it wasn’t this bad. He woke right away.”

My fingers brush the hair from Torque’s brow. He’s so vulnerable. The Princep of New City, King of the Bloods, lying here helpless as a babe.

“Your magic isn’t to heal demons. It’s holy magic. My magic.”

Uriel is my father, the angel who gave a piece of his soul to create me. Nox is that other half. I went from having no family to two fathers who seem to want to know me. It will take time to get used to.

“Then what is it good for? I thought holy magic was raw and ever powerful. If it can shape worlds, it should be able to heal morgot poisoning.”

“Before all this happened—angels and demons, humans and supernaturals—there was only holy magic. It’s the essence of all the other types, but it’s wild and unpredictable. To wield it takes strength, and demons aren’t created to handle that power. You gave Mammon a boost, and his vampire took care of the rest.”


A human buffet to the Blood Demons. A person who gives their life over as a blood supply to satisfy the needs of their master. Does Torque have one?

“We have to go to New City. To Hallowed Grounds. If Torque has a vampire, we’ll use their blood to bring him back.”

“You’re not going to New City. Have you forgotten Rahna is out to get you? You are her missing link in carrying out her plans to take over the Realms. It’s too dangerous.”

I inhale deeply. It would be very wrong to strike the angel whose soul lives in me.

“I know this is all new to you, the father thing, but let me clarify something right now. I’m not a schoolgirl in need of protection. I am an assassin. The lead assassin of the Tenebris witches, the dark magic sanction in New City. I am feared and revered. Rahna will get nowhere near me.”

Hands clenched at my sides, I stand from the bed and make my way over to the door. Smoke drifts down my arms of its own accord. Since being in the Demon Realm, my powers have grown.

“You’re definitely my child.” Nox chuckles from behind Uriel.

He places a hand on the angel’s shoulder, and the king saunters past him. Between the two, I am the spitting image of Nox. We have the same inky hair and silver eyes. Our noses match, but my mouth is more pouty, just like the angel.

“You cannot keep me here. I’m going with or without you.” I will not allow another man to tell me what I’m capable of. This is not his decision.

“I’m not trying to stop you,” Nox confesses. “I ask if I can accompany you. It will make me feel better to know you had someone on your side.”

I consider his offer. It’s not a bad one. To open up a portal, I will need a king. I’m not sure I could manage it myself yet.

“Deal. But when we get to Hallowed Grounds, let me do the talking. The MC that Torque is the president of is not keen on accepting the Dark. They don’t know I’m more than a witch, so things will go smoother if I explain.”

“As you wish, daughter.” His mouth tugs up into a smile, and I roll my eyes. I can probably expect more parental love from him.

“I don’t like either of you going out of this realm. There’s no way