Undo Me (Secret Baby Second Chance Romance) (DOM for Hire Book 2), стр. 1

Undo Me

DOM for Hire

Hazel Parker

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Chapter 1: Kelly

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Chapter 1: Kelly

Two Years Earlier

Everyone has their demons. I am no exception to this fact.

But my demons weren’t outside of me. My demons didn’t take the form of a bottle of Grey Goose, a line of cocaine, or a man I cheated with. My demon—just one, but large enough to make my life truly hell—was the hatred I had for my body.

I looked healthy. I ate well and I went to the gym. But my body failed me, and for that, I hated it.

My whole life, I wanted kids. Everything was lined up in perfect order. I had a dream job, a man that my girlfriends oozed envy over, and a future that looked like it would make all my dreams come true. Even in the first six months, when we couldn’t get pregnant, we just chalked it up to bad luck, that it would feel better once it finally happened.

But it never did.

Six months turned into one year. One year turned into two. Two years turned into three. And three turned into a divorce. It wasn’t my husband’s fault my body couldn’t give me what I wanted, and let’s be honest, it wasn’t mine either. If our marriage had been stronger we could have made it. It started out rocky and sank from there. My barren womb was just the icing on the cake.

Once we decided to divorce—and well before that legally took effect—I packed my bags and moved out west to the middle of Bumfuck, Colorado. I suppose some well-traversed locals in Denver would have heard of the town, Breckenridge, but no one outside the state had fucking heard of it. And that’s exactly how I wanted it—situated just between Vail and Denver, a spot some might visit but none would stay at.

And once I moved here, I fell into a dark crevice I’d never been to before. Was it fucking scary? Damn right. I hadn’t been able to figure my shit out, and it wasn’t like Breckenridge was the New York City of the Rocky Mountains. The men were rugged and occasionally handsome, but it would be a bald-faced lie to say any of them lived up to my standards.

The only good thing I could say was that my parents left me their property in this small town. It was a large property my grandfather bought during the mining boom—at the time, worth nothing, now worth millions. So, yay, my finances were in order.

But as I sat at a ski bar lodge, drinking as the sun set at too goddamn early of an hour, I couldn’t help but understand why people say money can’t buy you happiness.

At least it can fucking numb you.

“You sure you want another one?” the bartender, a concerned woman in her early fifties, said. Lisa. I think her name is Lisa.

“Yeah, I’ll take one,” I said. “I can always just get a hotel room. Thanks, Lisa.”

“It’s Laura, but you got it,” she said, smiling.

I hated that fucking smile. She wasn’t angry, nor was she condescending. She was sympathetic. How had my life fallen so fucking far to feel like this?

I heard someone sit down a couple of chairs over from me, but I didn’t turn to face them. Right now, my eyes were locked on the dry martini Lisa—Laura—was making. The alcohol practically whispered to me. Take me, and you will feel better.

Or, at least, I wouldn’t feel anything.

“Rough day, huh?”

Goddamnit, really didn’t want to talk to strangers today.

Begrudgingly, I turned my head to the man who had sat down near me. At least he had a nice voice—a little on the rough side, like he’d gone through some shit of his own.

Boy, though, when my eyes laid on him, he had the face to match that sexy voice.

He looked young but wise, like a man in his early thirties who had healthy habits but had also gone through some shit in his life. He had well-groomed black hair, haunting green eyes, and that sort of stubble that perfectly balanced “naturally gritty” and “well-groomed.”

Unfortunately for him, while he may have been one of the most handsome men I’d seen in some time, it wasn’t like I was on the prowl. I was more akin to a retired hunter.

“You could say that again,” I said.

“Rough day, huh?” he said, smirking. “You did say I could say that.”

I chuckled. It was kind of funny. I would have said it was also stupid, but for how gruffly he spoke the words, I found it difficult to find anything he said dumb.

“What about you?” I said, nodding to him.

“I’m just here to get away from it all for a spell,” he said.

Boy, doesn’t that sound familiar.

“What is ‘it all?’”

He paused for a second as he put his order in, a dry Manhattan. It was a bit of an upscale drink for the