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and late readers; those who provided resources, information, and character inspiration; and overall supporters of my dream: Sarah Anderson, Julie Ballin Patton, Tara Consolino, Gina Consolino-Barsotti, Sandra Doninger, Diane Dougherty, Erin Flanagan, Stefanie Griffin, Awad Halabi, Barbara Halabi, S.B. House, Janet Irvin, Jenny Jaeckel, Katrina Kittle, Andrea Kuperman, Meg Lammers, Laurel Leigh, Dan Loofboro, Kelsey Madges, Fred Marion, Darren McGarvey, Brooke Medlin, Emmanuel Nelson, Amy Galloway Roma, Scott Ross, Bob Schoeni, Gretchen Schoeni, Krista Sheehan, Tess Sherick, Sharon Short, Carrie Taylor, Penny Timmer, Anne Valente, and Father Pat Welsh. Your willingness to answer questions, give feedback, cheerlead when necessary, and provide unwavering inspiration and encouragement propelled me forward each day.

The writing communities: Antioch Writers’ Workshop, Literary Mama, Miami Valley Writers Group, 10 Minute Novelists, Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and Word’s Worth Writing Connections. The education I received from you is invaluable, and I can only hope I’ll pass as much information to other writers as you do to me.

My mom and dad: Each day of my life, I learn something new from you. Thanks for passing on the love of reading (and writing) to me.

All the wonderful fur companions, past and present: Arnold, Benedict, Ferdinand, Heathcliff, Lucy, Patty, and Shadow. Your quiet company in the early morning hours means more than you’ll ever understand.

My children: Zoe, Talia, Aaron, and Melina. There’s no way this book would have made it to print without the support of these unique and always-inspiring people. Remember you can reach for your dreams and attain them, and it’s never too late to start on a new dream.

My husband, Tim: Who knew a meeting at Elbel Field would turn into such an adventure? Knowing you believed in me even when I didn’t made all the difference. Thank you.

About the Author

Christina Consolino is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in multiple online and print outlets. Her debut novel, Rewrite the Stars, was named one of ten finalists for the Ohio Writers’ Association Great Novel Contest 2020. She serves as senior editor at the online journal Literary Mama, freelance edits both fiction and nonfiction, and teaches writing classes at Word’s Worth Writing Center. Christina lives in Kettering, Ohio, with her family and pets.

To keep up-to-date with the latest news, check out her website at or follow her on social media.

Note from the Author

Word-of-mouth is crucial for any author to succeed. If you enjoyed Rewrite the Stars, please leave a review online—anywhere you are able. Even if it’s just a sentence or two. It would make all the difference and would be very much appreciated.


Christina Consolino

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