Black Mage Cursed (Tournament of Mages Book 3), стр. 50

to all the magic of the six mages. He awakens five years before the tournament is to take place each century to prepare and aid the six mages as they train.

Gwade – Former Red Mage from the last Tournament of Mages. He is well over one hundred years old. He forfeited the title of rule to the first runner-up.

Hana/Ilhana – The Red Mage, handmaiden for the Sephera family. Little is known about her at this writing.

Hearthhaven - The city of the gods.

Marlee – The eighty-eighth Tourney Master and current apprentice to Ephaltus, who is scheduled to retire. She is the sister of Teoni.

Ocularius Magnus – Giant lens mounted at the top of the Arsenal of the Way. It allows the Tourney Master to watch and look in on all six mages. It can be corrupted by the gods, so the Tourney Master can’t be sure that what he or she is seeing is what is really happening unless they magically calibrate it before each use.

Sarren/ Lord Sarren – Antagonist of Hana.

The Sepheras – Family Hana works for. Moira, the mother. Lord Immoran, the father. Gwendrel, the eldest daughter. Thaxa, the middle child. Terad, the youngest.

Talt – Capital city of Vestia. Although it is the capital, it is relatively small for a city.

Tamania – Northernmost kingdom dominated mostly by men. Tamania is also home to several nomadic tribes that move back and forth through the plains and deserts of both Tamania and Asirad. It is the most mountainous of all six kingdoms.

Teoni/Thelee – Sister to Marlee, she is the Green Mage. She took the mantle of Green Mage by locating and killing the true-born Green Mage. Thelee is her elvish name. She was born in Craessa.

Tharen – Distant nephew of Gwade. He takes care of the old Red Mage at a cottage in Adendalind.

Tournament of Mages – Tired of seeing their beloved people constantly war and kill each other, the gods of the six kingdoms formed the Tournament of Mages. One mage capable of leading would be born in each kingdom every one hundred years. They come to the arena to compete in both mental and physical feats to determine who will lead the six kingdoms for the next century. The tournament is overseen by the Tourney Master.

Tourney Master – A wizard immune to all the mages’ various magic. It is his job to maintain the arena complex and help the mages. It is also his job to keep cheating to a minimum.

The Two Hells – In the religion of the six kingdoms, there are two hells. The first hell is relatively mild and is for those who may have a chance to redeem themselves. The second hell or lower hell is for the worst of the worst. They will never redeem themselves and will be tormented forever. Saying or using “hells” or “two hells” or using a phrase such as “What in the two hells is that!” is common in all six kingdoms.

Vestia – Eastern kingdom mostly comprised of men and high men. The northern part of the kingdom is forest, and the lower part is lush grassland.

Warden – A sheriff or type of policeman of the six kingdoms. They differ from kingdom to kingdom.