Un-Hate Me (Enemies to Lovers Romance) (DOM for Hire Book 3), стр. 1

Un-Hate Me

DOM for Hire

Hazel Parker

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Chapter 1: Emily

Chapter 2: Burke

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Chapter 18: Burke

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Chapter 25: Emily


Series Epilogue

Chapter 1: Emily

The clock is ticking.

I sat in a private cabana at a downtown rooftop bar in Miami, sipping on a margarita, my third of the day. To my right sat Kelly, my best friend from as far back as I could remember. Even just four years ago, this scene would have felt so very typical of us. Hell, even three years ago, Kelly could have easily come down on a flight and had a weekend like this.

But boy, how things had changed.

At the risk of sounding jealous and petty, well, she had everything that I ever wanted. She had a hot-as-hell husband. She had two adorable kids. Two things that I never, ever imagined myself having.

And now?

Well, let’s just say things had changed rather significantly.

“Girl, would you get off your phone?” I said as Kelly’s only drink of the afternoon, a quarter-sipped margarita, sat untouched on a small stand near her. “This is your last day of vacation!”

“I’m just checking on Charlotte and Cody,” she said, referring to her two kids. “Liam’s in charge of them. Great at protecting them, probably needs some lessons on changing diapers and feeding them.”

“Oh, Lord, I’ve told you to get a nanny already, but no, your mountain spirit just won’t allow that, will it?”

“People in Colorado don’t have nannies, Emily. I mean, yes, I’m sure they do, but you don’t move to Breckenridge, get a dog, and live on your own so that you can have other people do your work for you.”

Not quite like the days of penthouse living and suburban lifestyle, is it? Not quite like how it used to be. But I suppose that’s just how life goes—it changes.

“Besides, it’ll be good for you if you ever get married, you don’t want to not know how to do those things.”

“When. Not if.”

Kelly turned her head to me, the confused expression not even hidden on her face. And why would it be? Kelly, at least, had spent all of her life talking about how her greatest dream wasn’t money or status, but a husband and kids. Up until a dramatic incident a year or so ago, I would’ve thought the concept of being tied down was more appealing in the literal sense.

But put a woman in a hostage situation, see her crazy ex get killed, realize what mattered most, and next thing you knew, months and months of reflection had changed some things.

“You’re for real?” she said.

I nodded my head.

“Just one problem,” I said. “I feel like I have six months left.”

“Oh, God, Emily, you’re in your thirties, not—”

“Late thirties,” I corrected. “And unfortunately, as handsome and dashing as the men of Miami are, not many of them are the family type. Great for one night or having around as boy toys, not so much at knowing what toys to get literal boys.”

Kelly sighed. I knew she had my best interests at heart and wished I wouldn’t stress so much, but that was far easier said than done these days.

“Biologically speaking, you could—”

“Biologically speaking, every day that passes reduces my chances. That’s not hyperbole or hysteria speaking, Kelly. That’s real math. That’s math I cannot change and cannot ignore. So…what am I supposed to do? Just pretend the math doesn’t matter?”

Kelly bit her lip.

“So what are you going to do, then? Get a sugar daddy?”

I snorted and laughed. It was good to have spunky Kelly back. She’d disappeared for a few years there after going through her divorce and before having Charlotte and getting together with Liam.

“No, I’m not that desperate.”

I’m close, though.

“I have an idea in mind. I am open to options but I would really like it to share my genetics.”

Kelly arched an eyebrow at me. I pretended not to notice and went back to sipping on my drink. Even if I wanted to, I didn’t think it was the smartest of ideas to say who I had in mind.

Part of it was that I didn’t even know the dude’s last name. I’d never even spoken to him. But he’d saved my life.


That was all I knew about his identity. That, and he was a friend of Liam’s who had shot my ex, Sean, when Sean had nearly killed Kelly and me and then almost successfully abducted Charlotte from Kelly. From afar, I could see he was handsome and, obviously, devoted to the right thing.

But in the confusion of the moment, both he and Liam had taken off once they knew we were all safe. Liam came back for Kelly, which did not surprise me at all. Burke, however, had no reason to even think I knew his name, let alone that I’d want him to come around.

My attraction to Burke was admittedly kind of youthful whim, but there was some hardened truth to it. I didn’t expect to find a husband or a